Traveler Resources

Calling all Iceland-bound travelers! Here are some links to help you plan your trip.

Cliff Notes:
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This list will update frequently.

Dressing for the Great Outdoors in Iceland

How to Survive the Keflavik Airport
How to be a Responsible Tourist in Iceland
Upcoming Passport Changes
Map of Accommodation in Iceland
Video | Iceland Academy: Driving In Iceland
Shopping for Groceries in Iceland

The Do’s and Don’ts of Camping in Iceland
2017 Camping List Guide

•Reykjavik & The Golden Circle
Getting from Keflavik airport to Reykjavik
Life in the Bus Lane: A Guide to Busing Around Reykjavik
Parking in Reykjavik 
Art: New Arts Centre for Reykjavik
What’s with this Harpa?
Video | Golden Circle, Extreme Iceland
Storms And Stampedes: A Grumpy Icelander Does The Golden Circle
Everything You Need to Know About the Golden Circle

•Everywhere Else
A Map of Iceland
Icelandic Sheep, the original highland hikers
15 Things to See and Do in the Westman Islands (Southern Coast Island)

Time flies by in Iceland (12 minute documentary)
Documentaries about Icelandic Volcanoes (multi)
Postcard from Iceland (2:55)
Iceland: A Visual Journey in 4k (4:28)
♥ Elements of Iceland – 4k (6:04)
Iceland – Elements of Nature 4k (4:09)
Midnight Sun | Iceland (4:05)

View on Iceland: Medieval Sagas, Travel and Viking Wrestling
View on Iceland: Tourism, Volcano Bread and Lifestyle
Iceland’s Psychedelic Stonehenge
Icelandic for Beginners
Hollywood Scenes shot in Iceland

•All of the Above
HIT Iceland

•Cell Phone Apps
Iceland RingRoad App (free), Android (Marc Herbrechter)
Memrise (language learning)
XE Currency Converter (choose USD to ISK)

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