A Journey to Vestmannaeyjar

HON195 Student Post By: William Jack Hahn III, History Major; Honors Minor

Career Aspirations: I hope to become a teacher at the secondary level.

A Journey to Vestmannaeyjar

Vestmannaeyjar, or the Westman Islands, are a group of islands located off of the southern coast of Iceland. The island was named “Westman” because some of its first inhabitants were escaped slaves from Ireland, whom the Vikings referred to as “Westmen.” Today, the island has evolved into much more than a temporary refuge for slaves–it is an active fishing village and tourist attraction. Continue reading “A Journey to Vestmannaeyjar”


Article Share: Positive Effects of Tourism Boom in Reykjavik

Dr. Gunni, Icelandic musician, journalist, and author, shares his positive and thoughtful interpretation of the question:

Can you name a few things that are a direct result of the touristification of Reykjavik that are actually beneficial for its inhabitants? 

In addition to new jobs and well attended events, he also comments on how Icelanders are encouraged to expand their horizons beyond that of their usual haunts in search of less tourist-congested city center. What positive effects of tourism do you see in your city?