Sunaana Winter Festival – March 4

Save the Date: March 4, 2017
What: Sunaana Winter Festival
Where: Thompson’s Point, Portland Maine

This is a 21+ event; ID will be checked at the door.

Sunaana is a winter festival created to embrace the time of year when the days are short and the nights are long. The experience is a unique and groundbreaking mix of emerging musicians from Maine, Iceland, and beyond, contemporary performance (circus and modern dance), and the craft Continue reading “Sunaana Winter Festival – March 4”

Jólabókaflóð Giveaway! Enter to win – ends 12/22/16

*Thanks for playing! The drawing is closed.*

Icelanders have a long tradition of gifting books for Christmas and staying up late into the night to read them on Christmas Eve. This tradition is referred to as the jólabókaflóð or the Christmas Book Flood.

In honor of this tradition, we are giving away a book to one lucky winner! The winner will be announced Thursday morning so that we can ship the book to you in time for jólabókaflóð. Continue reading “Jólabókaflóð Giveaway! Enter to win – ends 12/22/16”

2016 HON-101 Lab Adventures: Experiencing Iceland in Maine

During the Fall 2016 Semester, USM Honors Freshmen who enrolled in the HON-101 Icelandic Sagas and Skalds class and the associated lab experienced Icelandic (and the greater North Atlantic) culture right here in Maine. As part of the lab activities, students enjoyed Icelandic style cuisine, learned about the International Marine Terminal, met local artist and USM graduate Justin Levesque, and met some friendly Icelandic horses. Here are some of those stories:
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Today is Icelandic Language Day!

Góðan dag!

Since 1996, Icelandic Language Day has been celebrated on November 16th – the birthday of Icelandic poet, Jónas Hallgrímsson.

Did you know? The Icelandic language does not import foreign words, but instead refers to the new concept with a combination of existing words. For example, a light-bulb is ljósapera, or “light pear”. The Icelandic word for computer is tölva which is a hybrid of two words: tala and völva, which literally translates to “number witch”. Here are a few more charming examples:

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Honors Study Abroad: Iceland, June 2017 – Sneak Peek

Greetings, Honors Freshmen!

The Honors Program here at USM is offering a unique study abroad experience for summer 2017. As the recipient of two unique funding sources, we are excited to share that we are able to offer a full travel scholarship to rising Sophomores who are interested in enrolling in our summer study abroad course. Here are some details to get you started: Continue reading “Honors Study Abroad: Iceland, June 2017 – Sneak Peek”