Honors Abroad 2018 Application

May/June 2018
To: USM Honors Freshmen


Welcome! The 2018 application period for Honors Abroad is now open. Please review the following information carefully.
• Application deadline: Friday, March 16, 2018
• Incomplete or late applications will not be considered.
• Download a copy of the application guide: HON195_2018_Application-Guide. This document outlines the individual application components, our contact information, and some general information about the program.
-This is a competitive application process and applicants are not guaranteed acceptance into either HON195 section. We have a total of thirty scholarships available; fifteen per section.
-This scholarship (and class enrollment) is available only to USM Honors Freshmen who have declared the Honors Minor.
-Successful applicants receive both a full 3-credit tuition scholarship and travel scholarship.
-We are hosting two sections of HON195 (Honors Abroad) in 2018. Each section requires its own set of application materials.
-This class, HON195, is one of several faculty-led tours to Iceland during summer 2018. For more information on other classes outside of Honors, please visit usm.maine.edu/international/travel

**Scroll to the bottom of the page for FAQs!** Last Updated 1/2/18

Please note: Classes run between 3-4 weeks with about a week abroad. The dates abroad may change slightly due to group flight availability.

Questions about the application or eligibility? Contact Us!

• HON195_2018_Application-Guide (click to download pdf)

HON195, Section 1: Climate Change Stories (May 21, 2018 – June 8, 2018)

Click here to meet the team (scroll down)
Click here for class info
Click here to access the application for Section 1: Climate Change Stories

HON195, Section 2: Histories of Justice (June 4, 2018 – June 22, 2018)

Click here to meet the team
Click here for class info
Click here to access the application for Section 2: Histories of Justice


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: May I request a letter of recommendation from my employer or another professional contact?
A: Yes! If you do not have a contact within the university that can write a letter for you, we will accept a letter from another professional contact.

Q: Should my letter of recommendation be included with my application materials or should the letter be sent directly to the Honors team?
A: We will accept the letter in either case; it is usually the preference of the writer. If the letter is sent to us directly, we will match it up with your materials during the review process. They may email their letter to usmhonorsabroad@maine.edu.

Q: Can I still apply if I’ve only completed one Honors (HON) class?
A: Yes, you can still apply! This is not an automatic disqualification, but please be aware that applications with two HON courses may be scored higher than those with one HON.

Q: How do I get help with my resume or interviewing skills?
A: USM has an office dedicated to career services! Connect with a staff member in USM’s Community Engagement and Career Development office located on the first floor of Luther Bonney in Portland. Here’s a link to their USM Website!

Q: Who is teaching the 2018 sections?
A: Visit our Meet the Team page to learn more about the class instructors for May/June 2018. The class topic(s) and instructors will rotate every year.

Q: To whom should I send my video application?
A: Please send the document or link to your video application to usmhonorsabroad@maine.edu

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Photo: Erin Kane | erin.dowling@maine.edu