As a first-year Honors student, you are eligible to participate in our Honors Abroad Program, a fully funded scholarship opportunity to study abroad!

Beginning in June 2017, Honors will offer an annual, signature, interdisciplinary study abroad experience in Iceland. The trip will be based in Reykjavik, and incorporate travel throughout the country. The travel portion of the course will serve as the capstone to an interdisciplinary Honors seminar held at USM. The study abroad portion of the course will occur in May.

Each iteration of the Honors study abroad course fulfills the “International” Core Curriculum Requirement. The Honors seminar features several AAC&U High Impact Practices, including: providing Common Intellectual Experiences, requiring Collaborative Projects, exposing students to Diversity and Global Learning. The course will be team-taught with Honors-affiliated faculty members, who will rotate Honors study abroad teaching responsibilities on a bi-annual basis. While the focus areas and content of the course will change as faculty change, each iteration of the course will position Iceland as a geographic filter for identifying topics of historical and contemporary relevance, and the course will always challenge students to understand complex issues from multiple perspectives.

As the program grows, we intend to expand beyond Iceland to other countries in the North Atlantic region (e.g. Faroe Islands, Greenland, Finland, Norway, etc.).