A Crash Course on Skyr

If you’ve visited the yogurt section of your grocery store, lately, you may have seen an unfamiliar item snuggled in with the vast selection of Greek yogurt cups – Icelandic Skyr.


This item has actually been around for centuries and has finally found its way into US grocery stores. What, exactly, is this newcomer all about?

Skyr (pronounced skeer) is a traditional Icelandic dairy product dating back to the viking era and hails from Norway. It bears a close resemblance to Greek yogurt, but is technically a type of cheese. During the production process, skim milk is combined with a live heirloom culture which gives the product it’s signature tangy taste.


A staple in the Icelandic diet, Skyr can be enjoyed by itself or served with cream, sugar, or used as an ingredient in cooking and baking. It is high in protein and lacks gluten, preservatives, and artificial anythings. Plus, it’s vegetarian-friendly!


Want to give it a try, but still not sure? Icelandic Provisions is offering a coupon on their website. You can also use their website to find a store near you that offers this Icelandic treat.

Verði þér að góðu!

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