Today is Icelandic Language Day!

Góðan dag!

Since 1996, Icelandic Language Day has been celebrated on November 16th – the birthday of Icelandic poet, Jónas Hallgrímsson.

Did you know? The Icelandic language does not import foreign words, but instead refers to the new concept with a combination of existing words. For example, a light-bulb is ljósapera, or “light pear”. The Icelandic word for computer is tölva which is a hybrid of two words: tala and völva, which literally translates to “number witch”. Here are a few more charming examples:

How to call for Batman in Icelandic


Iceland and Norway have a brainstorming session


And the answer is: A) Reykjavik!! 121 KM

Can’t get enough? Here are some more interesting words and phrases!

Fun facts and more info!

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