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Upcoming Event: 2018 Maine-North Atlantic & Arctic Collaborative Showcase

2018 Maine-North Atlantic & Arctic Collaborative Showcase
A networking event for businesses, researchers, faculty, and students

April 6, 2018
4:00pm – 7:00pm
Abromson Center, University of Southern Maine, Portland Campus

What is it?
The Collaborative Showcase is our inaugural networking event for businesses, researchers, graduate and undergraduate students, and faculty.

Presenters include:
Faculty, staff, and graduate and undergraduate students from a variety of Maine institutions, including: the University of New England, the University of Maine, the University of Southern Maine, Bates, Bowdoin, St. Joseph’s College, the Maine Army National Guard, and the Maine Irish Heritage Center.

This event is Free! Click here to learn more and register.


2017 HON/COR101 Activities: Iceland and the Arctic in Maine

During the Fall 2017 Semester, USM Honors Freshmen enrolled in the HON-101: Icelandic Sagas and Skalds class and the associated COR101 lab experienced Icelandic (and the greater North Atlantic) culture, art, food, wildlife, and navigation right here in Maine. As part of the lab activities, students enjoyed Icelandic style cuisine, met the local artist and USM alum Justin Levesque, met some friendly Icelandic horses, and learned about early navigation. Here are some of those stories: Continue reading “2017 HON/COR101 Activities: Iceland and the Arctic in Maine”

Internship Opportunity: Arctic Council Secretariat in Tromsø, Norway

Deadline for applications: 29 December 2017

Information Contact: Ms. Tiia Tanskanen; tiia@arctic-council.org

Location: Tromsø, Norway

Details: Full time for six months; Monday – Friday 8am-4pm

Click here to download the informational PDF and/or apply.

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Photo source: https://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Q26087

Student Reflection and Words of Wisdom

The HON195 students of 2017 not only wrote individual posts about their experience in Iceland, they also shared with us some wise words of wisdom: a) what they learned during their time abroad, and b) what they want future student travelers to know before packing their bags. Continue reading “Student Reflection and Words of Wisdom”

Video: Transportation Matters – Building Relationships

“Perspective is something that is very difficult to shift, unless someone has an experience.” -Patrick Arnold, Soli-DG

(Click the image to view the video posted by Maine Port Authority)


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HON195, Summer 2018: Climate Change Stories

This is section one of HON195 for summer 2018. See below for some areas of interest.

The story of climate change is being told by scientists, filmmakers, policy-makers, believers and deniers. While the entire world will be affected by climate change, the North Atlantic will face its own set of unique challenges. The aim of this course is to use a transdisciplinary lens to study climate change in the North Atlantic, connecting science, communication, and the lived experience. Students in this course will study the scientific concepts behind climate change, media framing of climate change, and use the personal narrative to tell the story of climate change. Continue reading “HON195, Summer 2018: Climate Change Stories”

HON195, Summer 2018: Histories of Justice

This is section two of HON195 for summer 2018. See below for some areas of interest and activities.

Iceland and Maine share many geographic, religious, economic, and social conditions and concepts–despite the much longer written history and literature of Iceland. A fruitful comparison can be made by studying issues across two periods of Iceland and across the relatively shorter history of Europeans in Maine and Northern New England. Continue reading “HON195, Summer 2018: Histories of Justice”

Honors Abroad 2018

Welcome, incoming Honors Freshmen and greetings to our blog readers! We have some exciting news: we will soon be announcing our 2018 short term travel class topics and details. Check back soon to learn more about the class and application process.

In the meantime, be sure to check out some of our student posts from June 2017 to see some photos and first hand student accounts of our adventures in Iceland.


A Journey to the North of Iceland

HON195 Student Post: Jordan Fisher, Nursing Major; Honors Minor

Career Goal: Psychiatric Nurse

A Journey to the North of Iceland

Good day everyone, nursing student Jordan Fisher here with your latest update on our amazing trip to Iceland!

I rolled out of bed quickly this morning, landing face first in the pile of clothes that—let’s admit—I was never going to put away, cursing to myself as I realized I should have packed my overnight bag the night before. My classmates were running around like maniacs, picking up a raincoat here, shoving a hairbrush into a backpack there, and trying to squeeze in a proper brushing of the teeth before our overnight journey to Northern Iceland.  This morning rush has come to be our normal routine here in Iceland. If I have learned one thing on this trip so far, it’s that you have got to move fast to get a good seat on the bus. Continue reading “A Journey to the North of Iceland”